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  1. Source: (rawpixel/ Unsplash) Is it possible for an agent to represent both sides of a transaction? “Agents can act as a dual agent. But you need to have the consent of both parties in writing beforehand, and the agent has to become a neutral party representing both clients,” says Mikel DeFrancesco, a top-ranked broker who’s sold over 74% more properties in Quincy, Massachusetts than the.
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  4. Jun 03,  · You represent the guys in the locker room. You also represent young African-American kids who aspire to be in our positions down the road. "Twenty years down the road, I .
  5. Represent Lyrics: Represent, represent / Represent, represent / Represent, represent / Represent, represent / Straight up, shit is real / And any day could be your last in the jungle / Get murdered.
  6. If you're going to court without a lawyer, you can practice representing yourself by playing RePresent. You’ll learn how to prepare for court, what happens in court on the day of your hearing, and how to present evidence and cross-examine the other person in your case.
  7. If you begin a case as the plaintiff, or are brought into a case as a defendant, and you do not have a lawyer representing you, then you are "pro se," that is, you are representing yourself, and you are responsible for navigating the court system, following its rules and time deadlines, and learning what you need to do to reach your goals.
  8. May 16,  · You can’t represent anybody but yourself in the court. If you do without any formal document, it will be blatantly illegal. If you don’t want to commit an offense, never try to represent someone in the court because you’ll be thrown off the case and a charge will be brought against you. Sometimes you can even face fines and imprisonment.

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